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What You Need To Consider (And Avoid) While Hiring a Full Stack Developer

In the past few years, mobile applications have truly become a centerpiece of the entire IT industry. What once started as a means to complement websites on mobile phones have now turned into a game-changing online platform themselves. The credit goes entirely to all the smartphones that offer a perfect platform for apps to showcase their true potential. Today, there are apps that can do so many things, some of which couldn’t have been imagined even a few years ago.

A full stack developer is a special kind of programmer that manages all the necessary components in an app. They put together all the pieces in the right place to get an app up and running.

However, before you make any further assumptions that a full stack developer can handle all the app development work by himself, let us stop you right there. Full stack developers have a general sense of every process going on into developing an app, but that doesn’t mean they have to be specialist in every single process. Most often, full stack developers have specialization in one or two aspects of the web development process, and they work alongside other specialists in binding all these processes together.

If you’re looking to hire a mobile app developer for your app, there are certain considerations that you need to follow and a few warning signs that you should avoid. Let’s discuss these factors individually.

The Dos of Hiring a Full Stack Developer

hire full stack developer

  1. Understanding Your Need to Hire a Full Stack Developer

Before you begin your search for an ideal full stack developer, it is absolutely necessary that you have a need in mind beforehand. App development is an ongoing process, and full stack developers are needed every step of the way. However, you shouldn’t rush into finalizing a deal with a full stack developer just for the sake it. It’s important to discuss what your team about what you are looking to get out of the full stack developer in the first place. If your app is in the very initial stages of development, you’re going to need a certain kind of full stack developer to manage all the front-end and back-end tasks. However, if your goal is to upgrade your app, you’ll be needing help from an expert full stack developer specializing in different DevOps activities.

  1. Checking The Developer’s Portfolio

According to a survey, every one in four developers calls himself a full stack developer. Unfortunately, only a handful of them is qualified to work in this position. A developer’s portfolio is the most powerful tool that speaks for the expertise of a Full Stack developer. And by portfolio, it’s not just about the previous projects where he or she has worked as a Full Stack developer, but the specialization part is equally important as well.

Before you are ready to hire a full stack developer, it’s important to thoroughly scrutinize their previous projects based on their specialization in the app development process.

  1. Differentiating Among Different Full Stack Developers

We discussed in the first point that different stages of app development require different types of Full Stack developers. However, the classification is not limited just primary app development and app upgrade, it’s much broader in the case of full stack developers. It’s crucial to understand that no full stack developers can work in completely the same manner. Therefore, you need to be absolutely clear about what your development requirements are and would the full stack developer in question will be able to manage it.

The Don’ts of Hiring A Full Stack Developers

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  1. Limiting Your Search

One of the sloppiest mistake people do when they look for a full stack developer is restricting their search to a bunch of platforms. While this may be a good strategy for hiring a regular app developer, it’s not a recommended practice hen you are looking for a full stack developer.

The reason is pretty self-explanatory. Full Stack developers come in all specifications, and it’s up to you to decide which one is your perfect choice. For that, you’re going to need a bigger pool to maximize your chances.

  1. Ignoring The Price Factor

Another key thing that people often ignore is comparing the costs of hiring different Full Stack developers. It’s true that a full stack developer is going to charge more than a regular developer, a key thing to keep in mind is that you can get the same kind of output from two full stack developers with a sharp contrast between their charges.

This could be attributed to a number of reasons, the most significant of them is their difference in specializations. One might carry multiple specializations while the other could be an expert in just one. However, if the one specialization is the only thing you’re expecting from your full stack developer, then the second choice will be a more economical option that will deliver the same output as the first one.

  1. Taking No Account of The Technical Skills

A Full Stack developer’s work profile is just as managerial as it is technical. It is, therefore, very essential to familiarize yourself with the technical specializations of the full stack developer that you are looking to hire. If the developer has little to no knowledge of the technical aspects of app development, it’s safe to say that you’re looking at the wrong person for the job.


While we have tried our best to cover almost everything that you need to know before hiring a full stack developer, it’s also important to clarify that there are other significant points to consider based on the individual requirements of app development. In any case, these are very crucial steps to facilitate everyone who is looking to a mobile app development company or hire a full stack developer for their app.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution