5 Latest Mobile Technologies That Will Steal the Show

2015 was the year when we were witnessed of some of the revolutionary mobile technologies including dust proof and water proof phones, smart watches and android phones with highly efficient cameras like iPhone. It is expected that 2016 too will continue the same legacy and we will see some ground-breaking and latest mobile technologies revolutionize the entire smartphone arena.

Also, the companies wishing to top the chart by their cutting-edge technologies loaded in their smartphone, will speed up their R&D (Research and Development) programs. The below mentioned technologies are going to be revealed this year and we are pretty much sure that this will not only surprise the users, but also let them experience something topped by advancement.

Latest Mobile Technologies

Designs with Exalted Mobile User Experience

The major mobile apps are serving the users with exotic user experiences and with latest methodologies and techniques including motivational design, ‘quiet’ and ‘playful’ interfaces. At present, designers are building apps that can put up with mobile challenges, for instance, partial user attention and interruption, or something that can harness technologies with innovative features or “wow” factors, like amplified reality. For user interface design, high standards are set by the leading consumer apps. All firms must master new skills and associate themselves with new partners to satiate their extended expectations.

Smart Objects Connected with Your Smartphone

The year 2016, in which we will be witnessing of many new and exotic smart devices that will surely revolutionize your day-to-day life. An affluent average household is expected to come under the vigilance supported by various advanced and smart gadgets consisting of LED light, toys, sports equipment, domestic appliances, bulbs, controllable power sockets and medical devices will be introduced as Internet of Things, these objects will somehow be attached with an app on a smartphone or tablet, which will perform multitasking including as a remote control, to getting associated with social platforms to observe ‘objects’ that can post and tweet, showing and analyzing information, making payments for subscription services, updating object firmware and order replacement for consumables.

More Smart Devices to Wear

This year again, you will be using advanced wearable devices. Your smartphone will become the center of personal area network comprising of these wearable including on-body health care sensors, smart watches, smart jewelry, display devices (like Google Glass) and a fine range of sensors attached with clothes and shoes. These advanced wearable will be in constant conversation with apps such as location sensing demand denser access point placement. Mobile technology trends have been changed with the commencement of these smart wearable.

Varied Platforms/Varied Architecture Application Development Tools

To have a “3×3 future (3 major platforms –iOS, Android and Windows and three application architectures-native, hybrid and mobile web) many organizations will require application development tools this year. Tool selection is going to be a complicated balancing deed, exchanging a number of technical and non-technical issues (productivity against vendor stability for instance), and most big organizations will require a portfolio of umpteen tools to deliver to the architectures and platforms they need. This feature has really provided a boost to the expectations of the users who love to embrace latest mobile technologies.

Enterprise Mobile Management

The term, Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) denotes the future evolution and convergence of a number of mobile management, support and security technologies. These consist of mobile application management, application wrapping and containerization, mobile device management and a few components of enterprise file synchronization and sharing. These tools will get maturity, grow in scope and finally cater to a vast range of mobile management requirements across all famous Oss on smartphones, PCs and tablets.


Apart from these, the advanced technologies including LTE and LTE-A, which is responsible for downlink speeds up to 1 Gbps, while reducing latency, will benefit the users with improved bandwidth. Matrics and Monitoring tools are the key technologies that make comprehensive app testing possible. The latest mobile technology not only improves the user experience, but also pushes the makers to explore the changing interests of the masses and feed them with the cutting-edge technology. In addition, the app developers have a tough time to develop a smart interface for an exotic experience that the users have with their smartphone. Not only in 2016, we will experience an elevated scenario in smartphones boosted by the cutting-edge technology in the years to come.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution