iTune Ranking Tips

Tips – How to rank an App better on iTunes

When you build an iPhone or iOS app, you put in lot of efforts and thoughts into it. To make sure the efforts you’ve made don’t go waste you need to put it effectively in front of your customers.

What could you do to make your app reach your audience the right way? With 1.2 million apps to choose from, it becomes quite a task for your iPhone app to reach its audience effectively. Therefore, you have to take best care of how you optimize your content on the app store and how it is ranked on the search engines. This goes along with the right piece of description of your app, category tags, keywords and screens that you place on the iTunes.

So, what is that you can do to rank your app better on iTunes? Here are top marketing tips to enhance your possibilities to get discovered:

Analyze similar apps

Looking at the similar apps will help you achieve right keyword placement in your app description without much efforts. Take the cue from their approach to place the content aptly. Apply the idea looking at your individual business requirements.

Choose the right title

Title is the first thing your audience would stumble upon. It needs to be a cracker. Make your title convey the right idea most attractively. That’s the only catch here. Don’t forget to include the business keywords while you frame a title. There are helpful keywords tool in iTunes that will help you do this most favorably.

Create a compelling description

This is an important part of any app presentation. Description is everything you offer your customers to gain information on app. It has to be expressive, communicative and crisp. The language you use should be simple and comprehensive to be able to reach most of them.

Maximize keywords

Think about every possible search term that relates to your app and place it in your description. This will help you cover a better range. Just marinate the whole keywords section with as much of relevant terms. Do the same with the description and the title. This will magnify your chances to get noticed.

Choose the right icon

When your user scrolls through the search results, icon is the first thing they notice. It’s important that you use the icons that represent your app brilliantly. Use confident colors for your app and try to keep it close to your aspirations. Make it relevant and use simple graphics and you will affirm a better and bigger response.

Connect with customers

Bring in people who admire your idea and make them use your app. Keep working on this idea and allow your customers to convert into your loyal customers and build your base. This engagement would offer you a better response from people and aid to bandwagon effect with positive reviews and ratings. This will in turn increase downloads and allow you a better search ranking in the due course.

Choose one day

Go for a power hit. Choose one day and concentrate all your marketing efforts on it. You can go for a launch day party or a one-day-sale and instigate your campaign to that effect. Shoot emailers, run social media updates, go for a PPC drive, write press releases and connect with your users to make them download app on that particular day. Do this and watch your rank go up!

Analyze results

Whenever you sell something, you need to know your customer behavior and market trends. This helps you track your sales better. Measure all your marketing efforts in order to tune in to the right direction. Evaluate and give your efforts a qualitative value.  Analyze all your efforts and optimize your approach to improve rankings.

Update regularly

Apple’s algorithms are unrevealed so you don’t have enough idea on what you should work on to improve your rankings. Still, there is an equally popular theory which supports the fact that regularly tweaked and updated applications receive higher rate of success than those that are not.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution