Points to consider while designing unique Android App for Tablets

The times since tablets came into the picture it has been a complete revamp for mobile resources and events on how you use different screen tops and how you build experiences based on the scope allowed by their value and make.

Android tablets have their own virtues to offer. As a matter of fact, Android has succeeded in commanding that right posture and that’s what makes it so popular. Now as you can see that many makers and dwellers have developed apps and shared their experiences with tablet users, you can find the latest theme already working across an array of designing possibilities. So, there are these standards already set by industry people. Over that, there are conventions to follow that we inherit from the source wherefrom the technology orients. So, how to come out with the room to settle with creativity and innovation in your designs?

Here are some very generic points to consider for designing Android app for tablets to pour in the flavor of uniqueness and individuality in your design:

Study the change
The first and the foremost thing you need to do here before you even draw a line of sketch for your app is study the trends and factors that affected change over time. It will help you gain an understanding of the mindset and behavior of users in the segment you are operating. With this you are able to access the idea that lead to change and can anticipate what people will like to have in your app. This will help you work on designs that feature latest trends. This will commend and support better aspects of tablet design and interface encompassing UI standards and resources that work with the latest needs of people.

Work on needs
That’s rule of a thumb. You got to learn the needs of your audience. Make the most use of analysis and research done by your top of the line competitors. Implement the factors that align with your needs and smartly follow the design conventions wherever necessary. In this act of working on the user needs don’t fall in trap of the clichés and stereotypes and always make your creativity take charge of everything you do and with anything you apply. Get inspired but not get blown away and work on user needs.

Go for the fun factor
Fun works everywhere and with everyone. When you think about fun, you automatically get innovative with your approach. Integrate the fun factor with your design and you will be able to claim the right spot. Try to make your designs speak more colors. Not loud but vibrant and refreshing for sure. Make things appear more easy-on-eyes and comprehensive with the way they are presented. Use more space and make your tablet app design plan for more interactive and fun elements that can engage users and you will be through with your goal.

Offer a concept and not just a utility
Okay, you need to understand this. Most of the people in business still continue to provide a jumpstart application that just cares for a utility. They just think of the purpose of a technologically powered gadget and try to include or rather push features to make it serve a utility. This should not be your goal. Try to offer a concept with your design. Make it more like a unique platform that cares for user experience and aspirations. Make functional utility secondary to the preliminary idea that you have in mind. Be passionate towards your offering and get a coordinated participative feel out of your design and you will be able to make it a concept driven app.

Communicate with the audience
Think responsibly towards providing an illustrative and compelling forefront of your app idea that covers every aspect of functionality and service. Spruce it up with what you relate and make it look more communicative and responsive to people’s needs. This will surely make you stand out of the clutter. Try to be more expressive with relevant pictures, interactive tooltips, appealing content and the feel of the design at large considering a tablet user need. Plan for a better flow and presentation of design elements and the functional layout and you will be able to hit the bull’s-eye!

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution

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