How To Create Exceptional Apps Mobile UX Designs?

As the technology develops and mobile channels get maturity, the Mobile User Experience field too is expanding. Good UX is what splits successful apps from unsuccessful ones. It has been also observed that small and new entrants are proving to be big threats for established brands by creating more compelling apps. At present, a personalized UX is something that every user prefers.

Therefore, it is highly essential to gauge user interaction and involvement to create exceptional mobile UX. Consider the following tips for devising a strong Mobile UX strategy and for well-turned user engagement:

Mobile UX design Tips
How To Create Exceptional Apps Mobile UX Designs?

Responsive Design

It is extremely crucial to keep in mind that while designing a mobile app, a developer must not forget that the app should be compatible with a wide variety of devices. While pulling media queries, JavaScript or the CSS, a special attention is required to handle the issues associated with various elements in these mobile devices.

Keep It Simple

A Good UI denotes a simple design, however, it still attracts. At present, many clients are in confusion to imbibe simplicity while designing UI with a minimalist style. Simple things refer to ease of use with no instructions. A simple UI can be used for multiple tasks. When colors are used in a UI, it becomes a guarantee that users will download it as well as return to the app frequently.

Exceptional, If It is Graphical

An incredible mobile application is always embraced than an app with a heavy text design. A visually strong UI will always be the best whether to keep the users engaged or let them return on the app regularly. Visual elements always help users amazingly in interacting with the application. Have it graphically sound so that the users get attracted instantly and have strong engagement with it.

Interactive With Relevant Information

At present, users prefer apps that capitalize on web outreach and have a personal connection right. It is essential to invest in a responsive site, best suited for mobile use. The major advantage of having a native mobile app is that it always transacts to attract the users with push ads, deals and discounts. Providing relevant news and updates too is one of the best ways.

The Involvement of a Real User

As a UI designer, you must engage a real user to evaluate UI design ideas. This will actually help you to correct and improve right at the beginning of development. It will also eliminate the confusion in designing buttons and features on the app you are creating.


At present, our lives have been revolutionized immensely by mobile phones and it has also changed how the business will shape. This is the high time when mobile marketing skills have to be shored up by marketers. The entire scenario has been changed and it’s time to have your UX strategies in place. There are many features in mobiles like GPS, Gyrometers and other sensors and you must figure out how to use them to offer an enhanced user experience.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution