How ASP NET Development can make your Dynamic Pages attractive?

ASP.NET is now available for you in completely revamped version. This open source web framework, ASP.NET 5 enables developers to design modern web applications at lesser prices and makes it possible for them to run these applications on three distinct platforms, i.e., Windows, Linux and Mac.

Still this platform doesn’t support Web Forms and VB.NET, thus you need to use C# to develop web application using ASP.NET 5. This latest version comes with the renowned web framework and has numerous new features useful in building perceptive dynamic pages rapidly. You can Hire Dot Net developers from a certified ASP.NET Development company for best help.


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Several new features:

Use 3 Runtime engines

New framework offers a choice to opt for three distinct engines, i.e., Full.Net CLR, Core CLR and Cross-Platform CLR. Full.Net CLR works as the default runtime engines and Core CLS is designed as a modular and cloud optimize runtime. Meanwhile, Cross-Platform CLR allows creating ASP.NET applications for Mac OS X, Linux and Window. You are free to opt for runtime according to the nature and requirements of the individual applications.

Unified Core Framework

ASP.NET 5 comes with a unified core framework known as MVC 6 that’s useful to avail features of Web Pages, MVC and Web API. It enables you to handle requests using only one type of controller for ASP.Net Web Pages, ASP.Net MVC and ASP.Net Web API applications. This way you don’t have to write separate code for each of these technologies.

Tag Helpers

You can create views using Tag Helpers instead of going for conventional MVC helpers. The new version allows you to use HTML helpers in your Views and you can also use the markup just by extending the semantics of tags. With Tag Helpers your Views will appear more natural and readable while you can also take advantage of the HTML editor to customize the output of HTML Helpers adding extra markup.

Cloud Ready Configuration

Now you can also publish or deploy projects in the cloud without having to worry about different configurations. This framework comes with a cloud ready configuration that simplified the process of migrating or deploying projects in the cloud. At the same time you can further help in the project migration or publication by converting the project into an Azure cloud project. The converted Azure cloud project is published in an easier manner.

Choose from Several Hosting Platforms

You can host the web application on several of platforms as this framework is available with a new modular HTTP request pipeline that supports Internet Information Services, Kestrel server and Open Web Interface for .Net (OWIN) based server. It allows users to self-host the application via a custom process. When the applications will have no direct interaction with the web server, you can seamlessly switch from one hosting platform to another.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution

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