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How are on-demand delivery apps helpful in overcoming delivery process issues

In this fast-growing business competition, it has become crucial for the companies to keep themselves up on their toes and endeavor to offer the best of services to their customers all the time.

Presently, the on-demand delivery market is successfully taking the market by storm. Be it salon-services, groceries, restaurant food, today users prefer these services/products to be delivered to them on-demand.

The on demand process work on this mantra, ‘Give them what they want, when they want, and wherever they want’.

Let’s go by the on-demand economy statistics

If we go by the survey released by Burson-Marsteller, 86.5 million Americans, which is around 42% of adult population, have used one or another on-demand service. The same report puts in that the on-demand app development services do not solely benefit the users.

Now 51% on demand service providers have acknowledged the fact that their financial situation has improved in last year, while 64% of them, said that they are hoping for better condition in the next year.

What are the common issues with on-demand delivery mobile apps?

Despite the statistics clearly showing the huge market enjoyed by on-demand delivery mobile apps; still, there are many appreneurs who face various problems to succeed in this arena.

So, here we talk about the three problems faced by mobile app developers/appreneurs as you enter the on-demand app business:

There is nothing new for user

With everyone being glued to technology we continue to have new members coming on board almost with each passing day. However, the user requirements change faster than the service providers, and this makes it tough for new ones to deal with the situation.

Not just the new entrants, but even the ones already in the market, must plan newer ways to retain the users and eventually sustain in the market.

Fails to meet the promise

Advertisements play a vital role to make your on-demand delivery app a success and help it reach masses. We see appreneurs relying on myriad advertisement mediums so to attract the users via their promising campaigns.

However, more often than not, it backfires owing to false promises made in advertisements. Even though it helps in acquiring customers at a faster pace; however, you end up losing them eventually when they find you are not delivering as promised.

It could also be the case that you created a wonderful and massive ad campaign and also received a good response. However, you weren’t ready to serve as per the promise. Now, this also leads to unsatisfied users.

The area

On-demand apps are built in a manner that they offer faster and easy delivery services, hence this model is considered apt for startups. However, often it happens that the startups fail to define the area required to cover, and also the one that has their target audience with the least possible competition. When failed in these, it causes disruption to your plans and also your execution.

What are the ways to deal with these issues?

Now once you know where the problems lie actually, it’s time to find solutions to them. Here we present a few issues that you must keep a check on as you come up with an on-demand delivery app.

Build a definition

It’s vital to define the working in the right manner for an on-demand delivery business to succeed. Like you first need to recognize your potential, for instance, the area that can be covered by you, the orders that you can deliver (here, you need to keep the peak days in mind), marketing plans, etc.

To ensure the same, you have to be well-versed with your skills to research, analyze and implement. Conduct a research of the market as well as of yourself based on the above points.

 Keep retention in focus

User retention must be your key target not only at the initial stage but also in your working days. You are certain to lose your prevailing customers if you attempt to expand your business without keeping your capability in mind.

At the same time, in order to keep your delivery process swift and smooth, there is no requirement to directly jump into the large market and plan to acquire new users. Do this once you have the backup to handle the bigger audience.


These days’ people use on demand delivery services as they desire to have prompt service at their doorstep. In this regard, manual tasks not only increase your burden but also delay the process. Thus, you must ensure that the process followed by you is automated and works smoothly.

It is important to manage the entire process, keeping a check on it and making sure that the flow moves without any obstacle.

Set yourself apart from the rest

Well, it always pays to be unique and distinctive, and it is no different here. The on-demand delivery iphone or android apps have reached its peak in no time. We have all the industries which are part of these services. Thus, to stay on the top in the market, it’s vital that you have the knowledge about the ‘gap’ faced by the users.

A close study can prove to be helpful here in knowing the people’s requirement and what they are getting. The aim should be to fill this gap, as that is the ultimate way to be distinct with your services.

Keep yourself updated

Yes, you just can’t do without this one. It’s imperative to be knowledgeable about the entire market, including the users and the service providers, buyer preferences and the glitches faced by them. Once you collect the entire data, it’s time to analyze it, scrutinize it, and then plan and implement your on-demand delivery process.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution