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Great UX Web Design

What comes to your mind when you see a website or a mobile app featuring an enthralling user experience, a perfect full-screen image with proper alignments and to top it all a perfect visual experience? Something that doesn’t irk the user a bit is what called a seamlessly perfect user experience.Yes, in the world of mobile app development and web development user experience is one crucial element that dictates the further response of the website and takes it to the heights of popularity.

A great UX web design is not a fluke; it is an investment of several thoughts put together and finally accompanies a design. A design with proper style guides, interaction patterns, visual design and the templates. There are not one but many elements that come into action for designing a website or a mobile app for an astounding user experience. Well, to unfold the idea let’s get started knowing what exactly is user experience?

What is UX?

To put straight and simple, a user experience is something that provides ample of satisfaction to the user who visits your website. Believe it or not, it is the designer capability to make it interactive and lucrative. It deals with the clarity of the layout, the intuitiveness of the sitemap and so the navigation. For the e-commerce owners or online retailers, it is the convenience and security so provided for easy accessibility and payment.

“However it is not all, the user experience is not about how the user finds it with the very first glance. It is an amalgamation of ROI, user response, and deals with every aspect that can possibly affect the development process of your website”

What leads to a great UX design?

Considering the deeper effect user experience penetrates on website design and development, it can’t be taken with ease and there is no one all pointer solution for the process. However, in a shell, everyone in a mobile app development company will be found working on the same aspect of gaining users to the site and ultimately growing business. So, we are unfolding some crucial elements for website user experience that are all things phenomenal:

  1. Give you users the defined VALUE:

After all, it is all for the users. You are putting all the money and time to get some potential users to your website and therefore get business. Offering value to the users is the goals to convert clicks into sales. It is a platform where the products you offer and the demands of your customer interact – so make it that enticing. Make your web presence by knowing your targeted customers and design the platform the same way.

Getting an appropriate content with a vivid web design and offering an ease in accessibility will certainly add value to your customer’s experience and they would like to come back for the same authentic process you are offering.

  1. Bring the Usability to the web:

If you are stuck in making your website well structured and alluring with a best visual experience but losing with a poor design, you are certainly making a mess. Your potential targeted buyers may easily switch to your rivals for this aspect. They might look and watch products on your site but ultimately land up buying from your contenders. Create content that is relevant and user friendly so that it garners all the usability in place and customers can actually come and rely on your web for all the solutions.

Just see Facebook, how it has evolved from a complete social media platform by connecting friends and family to a multi-utility platform with communications and shops.

  1. Make it Adoptable:

A website that lacks the element of “adoptability” is by far the deadliest. The website that is not accessible on certain browsers because of bad coding drops down in search engine rankings and therefore to be blamed for its accessibility. This is adoptability for all means.

We define adoptability as the ease by which your content is accessible to the users – both new and returning with ease. The web apart from search engine optimisation (SEO) and bandwidth issues should include mobile friendly components that define the web to be keen in targeting its mobile friendly users the same way.

  1. Is it desirable enough?

The final ingredient that does all the magic and makes your website a high pointer is the desirability. You cannot attribute to any single element of design or content. It is an amalgamation of all the features that contribute in making a web desirable. An organisation considers this as a philosopher’s stone for web designers.

If you have the security and credibility in your ground, you are ready to sail far. It adds to the confidence in sales. A clear and coherent identity you create to your brand makes you grow higher among your user base.

On the final note of best practices

Last to conclude, success in UX designing that seeks people’s attention is a job of credibility and putting an eye on the trends. Best practices, templates and designs align the users to come to your web and convert into sales. Therefore, ensure that the elements of a perfect UX are simply to apprehend and address the main desires of the audience you are targeting. If you are vigilant enough and catering to those needs and desires with brilliance you are here to gain the focus. The focus of the market and the customers

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution