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Best iwatch applications for teachers

The wearable technology has ushered a sort of revolution in the world of education. Now you can download apps on your iwatch which can help you in your teaching pursuits, thus offering you a perfect training module for becoming a better educator. Apple Watch is in fact making a huge buzz in education circles by integrating technology into mainstream education. Some apps which is providing the much needed assistance to teachers and which can be easily downloaded on your iwatch are given below:

  1. Evernote

This is without any doubt a very good app on which you can take your notes. You can also sync the same across wide array of devices. It even facilitates creation of checklists as well as to-do notes. Just clip the content which you need from any place on web, and organize your notes by making use of tags. This amazing app is your one stop destination for taking notes, organizing them and also archiving. You can keep the notes taken in form of a notebook. Doesn’t it sound quite helpful?

  1. eduClipper

‘eduClipper is an effective social learning platform which facilitates creation as well as sharing of dynamic content. It enables you to leave important feedback on assignments submitted by students. It even allows learners to keep track of their academic growth as well as achievements over span of time. This information can be entered in digital learning portfolios of the students.

  1. Trello

Troll is a wonderful organizational application which you can have on your iwatch. With this you can organize all your information. It syncs everything created on to cloud, this way you can easily access the information wherever there is Internet connection.

  1. Wunderlist

If you want a handy easy to use ‘to-do list’ Wunderlist app is your true calling. This app enables you to get your stuff done with maximum ease. Whether you are sharing your grocery list with your family member, or sharing some information with your colleague, or even planning a holiday, with Wunderlist you can easily capture, share and finish your to-do list. You can sync Wunderlist without any problem between your tablet, phone and computer. The records can be accessed just about anywhere. So as a teacher you can have before you whatever you want to teach or explain to your students.


  1. Just Press Record

Just Press Record is basically an easy to use, professional audio recorder. You can easily sync all your recordings across various devices. So, whatever lecture you want to deliver to your students, you can listen to its recordings or even send recordings of the already delivered lectures to your students. Isn’t this making things so much easy for a teacher?

  1. PCalc

Place is a very powerful calculator which can be downloaded on your Apple watch. It comes with an optional RPN mode as well as multi-line display. There is also a choice as far as button layouts are concerned. There is an extensive set of unit conversions and constants, various undo and redo, a paper tape, engineering and scientific notation. You can also d, octal, hexadecimal and binary calculations. So, if you are a Math’s teacher this app is ideal for you.


So these are few of the iwatch application which teachers can download and make teaching much more convenient and simple. From a calculator to notes to even voice recordings you can have just about anything on your wrist to help you in your teaching pursuits.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution