Are you mulling over App marketing? Find the right approach to develop and market your app

As you start thinking about creating a mobile app for your organization, several questions will start hounding you, like whether the decision right for your company? In fact sometimes you might even question if the idea for the app is even a good one and once you have gotten the app developed how people will get used to it.

But the thing is, once you reach at the right platform, things will become quite easy for you. All you need to do is zero upon the right resource who has enough experience in creating apps for various clients and dozens of industries such as finance, marketing, social networking, health, entertainment, tourism, hospitality, among others.



Mobile App Development

Here is how you need to start:

To start with, just write down your idea and make sure that you convey it in the clearest of its form. Then, you can move ahead by browsing the net to get the prototyping tools and create a mock-up of your app. Once you know all your basic needs, then you can move ahead and look for an iPhone App Development Company in order to create your iPhone application solution.

During the process, you might think whether outsourcing is the right idea or not, but that certainly is. In fact a large number of popular apps, like Skype, Digg and were outsourced during their initial period. As the first version of your app is developed, you will certainly be interested in keeping the costs down by having the development work outsourced. At this stage, all you think about is delivering a great product to your customers, and once you ascertain that your app is in demand then you can take over the in-house development team or else the other beneficial option is to hire a dedicated team from an outsourcing company.

Once you have the above things at place, it’s time to inform your audience about your app, by marketing it the right way. Even though App store optimization is valuable in app discovery, still you need to make further efforts in order to acquire prominent traction for your app to succeed. This is where having a holistic marketing strategy will come to your rescue.

Here we present what your marketing strategy for the app must comprise of:

App Store Marketing

Your need is to have a wider reach to your target audience and have them convinced that your app is worth downloading. Here you need to attain high ranking in App store by making news on app review resources and social media. Then the next target would be to persuade the audience to install or buy your app. Here the holistic approach will work in your favor. A kick-off marketing plan and a growth strategy is useful in building fans, who will discuss your app and share your app with their networks. Here the social media promotion is crucial as well as the videos, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, and the 3rd largest social network. Create videos for your own YouTube channel, contact YouTube key influencers or launch paid advertising campaigns to promote your mobile solutions.

User acquisition

Well, having an ad install campaign can be just the right choice for you if you are keen on increasing the number of users for your app. However, the thing is that you don’t only want the users to install your app but want them to use it on a regular basis. But that rarely happens and the best way to assure the same is to use attribution analysis as that way you get to know where the most engaged users come from as that helps you in having a clear picture of where to spend your advertising budget. Running install campaigns like Facebook and Twitter helps a lot as there you can use segmentation options to target your audience.

Engagement, analytics, and CRM

Organic and paid methods are just the best options that optimizers seek in order to connect the right audience to the app via organic and paid methods. It is needed to recognize the users in a correct manner and find ways to enhance user engagement. Internal app channels like push notifications can be used, as well as other external platforms such as ad networks and social networks can also be used. Re-marketing campaigns can be launched in order to get users back once they disengage.

These marketing techniques also help in delivering your message to the right users. You can avail the efficient web and mobile application development solutions for varying arenas at Octal Info Solutions at cost-effective prices.


Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution

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