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A Dating App For Redefining User Expectations

The app stores are replete with a plethora of dating apps. And this demand for engaging dating apps among the users seems to be far from declining. This mounting popularity of dating apps has led numerous app developers to think about building a smart dating solution.

However, most of these apps available today are unable to meet with the user requirements as their quality and functionality is not up to the mark.

The market flooded with substandard apps has created a colossal opportunity for mobile app developers that are looking to build a dating mobile app.

If you too wish to create a competent dating solution that is above and beyond all user expectations, then follow our post and find out some useful tips on how to build a dating app. Let’s begin.

What do Users Expect from Dating Apps?

Going by an extensive research conducted by Applause, the two main features that every user looks for in a dating app are security and privacy. A lot of users reported being badly treated by the person they initiated the conversation through a dating app.

So, if you want to build an app like Tinder, focus on integrating robust security checks for the users who sign up for your app. Offering an innocuous user experience is the key to a successful app.

The second most important attribute in a dating app, after security, is an engaging and innovative user experience. Tinder offers amazing location-based services and features an easy swipe technique along with a well-designed user interface.

There are a lot of other popular apps such as Zoosk, OkCupid, Her, JSwipe, Dine, etc. catering to different interesting niches. All these apps bag great reviews from the users. Now, we shall have a closer look at how to create an app like Tinder so as to cater an optimal user experience.

Significant Features to be incorporated

Your innovative ideas help in distinguishing your app from the rest. But apart from that, there are some basic features that every dating app must include in order to make it indicative of this particular service category. Here is a quick rundown of those features.

  1. User Login

Your app must have an easy login feature where the users can login via their Facebook profiles or any other social media platform. But at the same time, keep security as your priority. The users must be kept assured that all their personal information is completely protected.

  1. User Profile

A user profile must have an authentic picture along with the necessary details of a person. The details can be acquired from the data present on any integrated social media channel or can be otherwise provided by the user. Also, there should be a possibility to edit or delete your profile.

  1. Settings

This feature generally consists of two parts. First, the user must be able to choose the best and the most appropriate layout to use your app. And the second part includes the settings offered for user search and discovery. This permits the users to outline specific standards based on which they will look for or will receive the matches.

  1. Messaging

Messaging allows the users to chat with any person using the app. You can set some expiration time for the chat or may allow messaging sans any time limit.

  1. Browsing and Searching

Users should be able to search for and explore different profiles manually and see if they can find an appropriate one. You can try to add filters that seek to make the searches quick and more convenient.

  1. Matching Algorithm

From a development perspective, this feature is the most complex, but it is extremely important in terms of your app performance. Most of the dating apps available today offers match suggestions based on personal interest, physical as well as psychological attributes of the users.

  1. Push Notifications

Push notifications seek to notify the users about any appropriate match found or any other type of relevant information.

  1. Admin Panel

Merely creating a terms & conditions page and listing down all policies is not sufficient. If you really want to save your app from all incongruous content, it is imperative to have a well-organized admin panel that takes care of the moral and the social side of your app.

You must try to add as many of these features to your apps basic functionality in order to make it appealing to the users. Remember, simply creating a dating app is not sufficient. People will abandon it if it comes with unsatisfactory features. So, plan well, try to implement all vital features, organize a robust marketing campaign and begin investing in user retention.

How do Dating Apps Make Money?

An average user spends almost 90 minutes a day on dating apps. This will surely make you think that there is a lot of money in dating app development. But this is not true. Making money on dating apps is quite tricky.

  • Of course, the first reason for this is high competition, but more than that, the problem is that people often do not take dating apps seriously. A lot of users download dating apps just for communicating with some new people. Tinder has launched Tinder Plus, the app’s subscription service that offers added functionalities like unlimited undo and swipes, but it isn’t getting too many paying users. The reason for this is that Tinder is asking its users to pay for features that were once available for free. Thus, it is not extending any extra value.

A competent example of the value that a lot of users may not mind paying for is a profile boost that makes the user profiles show up in more searches.

  • Another way of making money from a dating app is through advertising. For example Grindr, a dating app, earns money from ads and has launched GrindrXtra, a paid version of the same that comes with no ads and more profiles to choose from. One thing to be kept in mind is that these advertisements sometimes may get too obtrusive, making the users abandon your app.

Much more effective than advertising, you can go for affiliate marketing to make money from your app. Through this strategy, you display deals from businesses that are relevant to the dating industry such as hotels, restaurants, gift shops, florists, jewelry stores, etc.

  • You can also opt for offline monetization by organizing live events such as speed dating, local dating events and more.

All things considered, making money from a dating iPhone or android app is quite a task. With so many options available, users just wouldn’t pay for the app, unless it offers something immensely valuable. Try to develop partnerships with local gift vendors or restaurants and devise ways in which you can mutually benefit from such partnerships.

Sumit Garg

Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution